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Educational Classes at Stone Totem Yoga Studio

At Stone Totem Yoga Studio we offer a wide variety of classes for the health and well-being of your mind, body and spirit.  We started our Ayurvedic Training with the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda and even though we have contiuned our Ayurvedic studies with other schools - we constantly return to our grass-root practice. 

The development of personal awareness is the only thing the human person can control, and once you understand that, a lot of the appendages fall away,  and we look at purpose and karma and not get besotted  by the karmas of other people because we carry them from life to life and year to year and day to day. 

                                                                                       ~ Maya Tiwari

Wise Earth Ayurveda
Food Breath & Sound

Food Breath and Sound (Annavidya, Pranavidya and Mantravidya)We will begin our studies following Maya Tiwari's first book "Path of Practice". This is the foundational series of classes that will take you into the kitchen and change your relationship with food. 

The series includes:

*   Ghee making & Kitchari

*  Six Tastes & The Energetics of Food

*  Vegetable Cutting & Cooking Stir Fry

*  Working with Whole Grains

*  Seasonal Spice Grinding

*  Working with Beans (making Dhals )

*  Chapati Making

*  Seasonal Chutney

Wise Earth Ayurveda Seasonal Spice Grind

Seasonal Spice Grinds are held 6 times a year.  They are an opportunity to connect with our community while we chant, roast and meld beautiful seasonal Masala's.  Each season has its own special energy and taste. (Winter, Spring, Summer, Early Fall, Autumn and Early Winter) Spices have many healing qualities and we will teach you how best to combine them so that you have wonderful kitchen medicine to balance the food on your plate.  This class is a feast for all your senses and it is a powerful meditation that will awaken your ancestral memories. 

Wise Earth Ayurveda Japa-Ajapa Meditation

The goal of Japa-Ajapa meditation is to education your mind in the act of witnessing consciousness.  Working with Mala beads, mantra and hand mudras, we will guide you in the art of training your mind to recognize this stillness.   Using mantras  we will awaken your inner knowledge of your true nature and your life purpose. This will heal the mind by removing fear, anger, grief, and all the other negative emotions that have been established through false beliefs.  Elimination of these beliefs will remove obstacles and help you to learn to establish a place of peace and balance within your mind.  With the deeply spiritual practice you discover that "the Self, Universe and God are One" (Maya Tiwari)

Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cooking

This class is for those that are ready to take the next step in their Ayurvedic journey.  This is a hands on class in which we teach you the sacred kitchen practices while developing a balanced plate for you and your family. We will cover the benefits and reasons that we follow kitchen and seasonal practices - understanding is the key to making lasting changes.   We offer private and group classes and will even come to your kitchen.

Developing Your Personal Menu for Balance

Developing a personal menu is a powerful way to ensure that you stay on track.  Life interrupts, and it is much easier to stay on the path if some preparation takes place. We will help you to map out weekly/monthly balanced meal plans.  Meals will be quick healthy and beautiful - a feast for all the senses.

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