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Yoga Services

Yoga is essentially a holistic lifestyle-oriented practice, that integrates all of the inter-connected layers of the human system.  It was never meant to be a physical discipline only, but rathe a multi-disciplinary process that brings together the body, breath, mind and even our spiritual domains. ~ Krishnamacharya

Brian Kenealy is the founder of Stone Totem Yoga Studio. Brian is a certified Yoga Ed. Teacher, which enabled him to bring Yoga into the Syracuse City School District and other schools in Onondaga County.  Yoga Ed. is a K-12 government approved curriculum that allowed Yoga into public schools.  Brian has studied 500 hours with the Krishnamachary Yoga Healing Foundation and 500 hours with Yoga for Well-being with Fran Ubertini.  

Developing Your Personal Practice

Your personal practice is for those looking to explore the world of Yoga without fear.  Brian works within your personal fitness abilities. You will create a program that fits their lifestyle, body-type, age and flexibility. Having a personal practice is part of the Ayurvedic Dinacharya (daily practice).

1hour = $50

Pranayama Practice

  Conscious and careful regulation of the breath for improving your vital life force.  Benefits:  reduce stress and anxiety, improve Prana (vital life force), improves digestion, improves posture, improves circulation and balances the body.

1 hour = $50

Wise Earth Ayurveda~ Healing Passes Yoga and Pranayama

Healing Passes Yoga is a gentle method of Yoga developed by Maya Tiwari using micro-movements to balance body, mind and spirit. This is an integrative practice. Blending movement with breath and allowing the intuitive mind to awaken. There is a focus on working with the 5 Pranas in the body and the connection that takes place with the Lunar and Solar cycles.  This is a wonderful addition to your Dinacharya (daily practice)

Private class $50

Group class available upon request

Group Classes

Beginner Classes or specialty classes in Meditation, Pranayama and/or Advanced Asana can be arranged. 

A minimum of three students is needed for a group rate.

**Please contact Brian for more information on setting a time.

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