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Gratitude = Love!

Artwork created by Mikhail Kenealy

How are you spending your Valentine's day? Are you exchanging candy, flower and cards? Are you throwing around love notes because you're supposed to? There is always time to share your heart felt emotions...allow your creativity to bloom.

This morning was soft, dark and silent. Moving through our morning routine is a solid practice in self love. If you know me, you know I talk .... a lot! Our morning rituals are generally silent (except for doggy commands). Taking the dogs out in the dark of the morning is a beautiful time. Freezing? Yes - absolutely!

It's a time of softness. The birds are still sleeping and silent. The elements of nature are always in action. Today it was; frozen crunchy earth and the dark of the morning, frozen water glittering over the deck, fire was present as the sun could be seen glowing from behind the mountain, air element whipping the frozen snow into whirling dervishes, ether was all around us in the silence of Vata time. Everyday we are witnessing changes. The changes are exciting and chaotic. There must be chaos before change. Soooo....I say.... bring it! Bring on the change. Bring on the spring! We are looking forward to a shift in the world around us that will mirror the changes within us.

Practice the act of abundant gratitude for the plants, animals, trees, rivers, sky and earth, and the Divine mystery that is Love will be revealed.

~Maya Tiwari~

Sweet Loving Kisses!


Blessings to All!

With Love Naomi & Brian

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