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January Shifts...What does that mean to you?

Are you resting? Have you taken stock of what you want in the New Year?

Be like Rumbha and allow yourself to embrace the habit of gentle hibernation. Now, I am not suggesting you become a couch potato. Find the balance between moving in nature and resting like Rumbha.

We always look to Mother Nature to determine how we will move through the day. The goal is to do the opposite of whatever is happening outside the window.

It seems like common sense. When it is cold, bundle up. When it is hot stay cool and jump in the pool. When we are in the arctic weather, of Upstate New York, we pull on our flannel lined jeans and hit the trails on skis and snow shoes. Do we have to effort? Yes! Yes, we do!

We have to earn our screen time, computer time and Netflix time with movement. The struggle is real (giggle).

When we are in Miami it is a different story. The warmth allows for freedom of movement, which is lovely. Do we still feel the pull of hibernation? Oh yeah! The vibe is much more mental and emotional because the fluidity of the body is easy. We hike the beaches. We swim in the ocean. A

bit of a Wim Hof challenge - we do it anyway. God knows why we would leave the cold, come to a warm area and then jump in the Ocean. (sorry rabbit trail). My point is we get to play in nature with ease and then get a chance to balance that with soft reflective time on the beach. Reading to each other, working with our Duolingo APP, and planning out the rest of the late winter activities for when we get back home, is very restorative.

How will you get through the winter...where ever you are? Are you pushing and not getting enough rest? Are you resting in a tiny coma and becoming stagnate and not moving at all?

Find the balance of movement and rest. Do not stress about major changes in your diet. Do not worry about cleanses. There is plenty of time for that in the spring. Think about what your ancestors would be they would survive softly through the dark days of winter.


If you need help or guidance make sure to reach out to us. Life is always better with community.

Blessings to All!

Warm Sunny Kisses!


With love Naomi & Brian

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