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The Arrival of Autumn!

We have entered the seasonal transition, again.

This is one of my favorite seasons. Summers heat is still

lingering and the nights are getting cooler. The colors are beginning to shift into the vibrant hues of red, orange and yellow. The grass in the yard vacillates

between- dry/crunchy and wet/cold/soggy.

Welcome to Vata season. The Air element is swiftly shifting around us and this can be the cause of imbalances within your Constitution. Rapid change creates chaos within the body. (Seriously....don't we have enough chaos right now?)

What tools should you be engaging this time of year to help restore balance?

Vata wants and needs ROUTINE!! We all tend to struggle with that one. Why? Well, chaos can be fun and stimulating. Stubbornness in the face of change can also be an issue. Stick with the devil you know kind of thing. If you truly want a little peace start with the basics - you'll need a morning routine (Dinacharya) and an evening routine (Ritucharya). Some quick ideas to get you started:

Morning Evening

Rise the same time Everyday Turn off screens at 9-9:30

Evacutate Oil hands, feet and top of head

Scrape Tongue/oil pull Lights out between 10-11 (non-negotiable -

Hydrate good self hygeine is vital for recovery)

Move your body (walk, yoga create Rest you body

a spiritual moving practice) Journal-gratitude, accomplishments or just

Journal- gratitude, affirmation & goals empty your head

If you need help figuring out how your morning and evening should look - please reach out to us

for assistance. Teaching Ayurvedic lifestyle modifications is are whole hearted jam! We all need softness right now. Softness won't just show up on your door must invite her in. Invite her for a cup of tea or a moment of cloud/star gazing. Forest bathing is another creative way to clear and raise your vibration!

The chaos is here but, we don't need to engage with the crazy. Howling at the Moon counts as therapy. Let's follow the examples of our ancestors - dial it down, keep it simple and don't sweat the small stuff. We need to stop and smile from our heart and soul, for all the many blessings we DO have!

Time to head back to the kitchen. Brian is busy working on our Autumn Spice blend. If anyone needs a Masala, message us and we can see that you get one. Watch out for new photos on Facebook and Instagram of the recipes that we will be offering here soon.

Dill Pickle Soup!

Pumpkin Oat Breakfast Bars!

Walnut-Rice-Quinoa Nut Roast!

Keep your eyes peeled...we'll be offering some fun adventures in the days to come.

Our book club will be meeting at Vyana Yoga Studio on September 25th at 6pm.

Details can be found at

It's a New Moon for those seed cycling with the's time to change your seeds.

For those following their own rhythms...keep doing your good work!

Blessings to All!

Warm Autumn kisses!


With love Naomi & Brian

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