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Welcome to Elemental Bonus Days!

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

We will share with you the fun adventures we have in the kitchen, at the studio and out in nature as the seasons shift. When I first started my Bonus Days journey....well....I never thought I would still be doing this 7 years later. We have grown and it was time for an upgrade. So here you have it! Let the spices start flying! Welcome to our world!

This is where you will find the complete recipes for items found on our videos. We will also offer detail descriptions of classes or upcoming events. Ayurveda is the foundation of our lives and it's our goal to share with as many people as we can. Catch us on Facebook- Elemental Ayurveda or Stone Totem Yoga Studio.

We are also on Instagram- Naomipolaritycenter or Brianstone_totem. We look forward to walking down the halls of the elements with you.


We will be holding the Wise Earth Ayurveda Spring Spice Grind in March at Vyana Yoga. Time and date to be announced. Yes! I said spring. In Ayurveda we believe that all 6 tastes must be represented on your plate for proper digestion. Having a seasonal spice blend is the perfect way to make your life simple. Give you body what it needs....a hand blended Spring Masala created by you!

We will be announcing the details for our 21-Day Spring Cleasnse - Digestive Reset in April!

We look forward to sharing, caring and laughing our way through the Elements. Plugging into the Ayurveda machine and start making sense of the uniqueness that is youStay warm. Drink hot beverages. Wear a hat and scarf. Remember spring is on the horizon and we can whether this weather.

Sweet winter kisses! Namaste` Naomi & Brian

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