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Tulsi-Ashwagandha Tea

Tulsi is an amazing adaptogenic herb that everyone can benefit from this time of year. Adaptogens are cool herbs that support your adrenals and they balance the hormonal system.

The really unique thing about adaptogens is that they work with the intelligence of your body. It boosts when needed and calms when needed, your body decides.

Your inner physician knows what it needs (even if you don't). Your little inner Dr might say, "Dude you seem a little stressed. Not a problem. We've got you covered. We have some Tulsi-Ashwagandha in the house. We will settle the jack-in-the-box brain of yours in two shake". Well...maybe the dialogue for you is different you, but that's they way my mind talk. Oh, and yes, I do talk to myself.

Lol....I find myself amusing. Right Bri? (All I got was an eye roll.}


4 cups water

1 teaspoon Ashwagandha Root

1 teaspoon Rose-hips

1 teaspoon Tulsi

1 teaspoon Rose Petals

Bring 4 cup of water to a boil. Add Ashwagandha Root and Rose-hips. Let simmer for 5 min. You need to give the Root and hips a chance to release the healing properties within.

After 5 min. allow the boil to settle. Add Tulsi and Rose Petals. Let them steam until the color of the liquid starts to change and it becomes fragrant. Strain into your mug and enjoy. This may be sweetened with maple syrup or honey. If using honey remember to allow the tea to cool. Boiling honey create a sticky toxin. (A story for another day.)

Tulsi (Holy Basil) Benefits:

Soothes inflammation and joint pain

High in anti-oxidants which aids in the detoxification of the body

Antibacterial - Antiviral - Anti-fungal - Analgesic

It helps to balance blood sugar

Protect your stomach by lower stomach acid and increasing mucus secretion

These are just a few of the many healing properties of the "Queen of Herb" - Tulsi!

It's one herb that should be in your kitchen first-aid kit. Blending with Ashwagandha (another adaptogen), Rose-hip (Cray-cray with vitamin C) and beautiful cooling healing rose petals....what a power punch for your entire system. Your taste buds will thank you too.


Blessings to all!

Sweet Tulsi kisses!

Love Naomi & Brian

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