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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Art work created by Mikhail Kenealy

We have been digging into our kitchen Sadhana. Putting together a new menu has been fun. This gives us a chance to flex our Ayurvedic muscles. We have been deconstructing recipes, so that they have the most cleansing and healing properties. Challenges that we enjoy with all our hearts.

Quinoa Buddha Bowl

Taking time to walk with our granddaughter was a gift today. We realized that our practice needed to step outside the kitchen. The sun was blazing and the air was freezing. We went out anyways. Why? We went out because we made a promise to walk everyday. A promise that we are committed to keeping. Being accountable to yourself starts with the little things. This can be the greatest practice of them all. Brian had the luck of the Irish with him today. He found a deer antler on our walk. ( for the Hunters curiosity it was a three pointer).

When we got back we decided to play with another hydration booster. Dragon- Pitayaha-stawberry pear is such a cool super food. We will definitely be playing with this one during our 21-Day Spring Cleanse & Digestive Reset.

Dragon Fruit Lemon-Lime Aid

Benefits of Dragon Fruit:

Anti-oxidant Rich

High in Vitamin C

Betalains - combate oxidative stress and the ability to suppress cancer cells

High in Carotenoids

Promotes gut health

Boosts your immune system

Boosts low iron

Good source of Magnesium

Dragon Fruit Lemon-Lime Aid

1 Quart boiled water

1 teaspoon Dragon Fruit powder

1 lemon juiced

1 lime juiced

maple syrup to taste

Make a small change and commit! Start with hydration.

Blessing to all!

Dragon Fruit Kisses!


With love Naomi & Brian

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