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The Power of Salt Water!

Welcome back to Siber-a-cuse.....ugh! We miss our little place in Miami. We miss the kiss of the sun. We miss the touch of the water and all its healing energies. Salt water is such an amazing healing experience. Did you know that 90% of our autonomic nerve endings are on the surface of our skin? Pretty cool! All those needy little nerve endings just love the delicious connection with water. Add salt into the equation and you have a recipe for bliss.

After this latest trip, I realized the intense power of salt water. I thought I needed Vitamin D recharging. After a couple of days of ocean bobbing, all my joints started to feel better. My nervous system started calming and my sleep improved. Is this a coincidence? No. Water therapies have been around for...ever! Whether hot/warm water or cold baths, they all have there place in your home tool kit. Our skin is a giant sponge. It will readily sweat out toxins and it will absorb nutrients. Our bodies are pretty amazing!

When at home we like to use a variety of salts, spices and herbs to improve the healing properties of our tubby time. Dead sea salt, Epsom salt with grated ginger is one of my all time favorites. It works wonders on sore muscles. The minerals also work to reduce stress, remove toxins from the body and addresses constipation. The magnesium in the Epson salt helps to pull toxins from the body.

North Shore Miami Beach....every moment cherished!


1 Cup Dead Sea Salt or Regular Sea Salt

1 Cup Epsom Salt

3 Tablespoons grated Ginger

a couple of drops of Ginger Essential Oil or Oil of choice

Cold pack

Run your tub with really hot water. Add the salts and essential oil. I put the ginger into a tea ball to keep the mess down. Let your "tub tea" steep for a few minutes while the water cools. Soak for about 15-30 min. Place the cold pack on your head. The cold pack will allow you to stay in the tub longer.

Soaking before bed is a great way to establish sound sleep. We also drink a mug of Alfalfa tea with a 1/4 teaspoon of Sole` to replace the minerals that are lost due to sweating.

Spring is coming....promise! Stay tune for information on our Elemental Ayurveda 21-Day Spring Cleanse and Digestive Reset.

Blessings to All!

Sweet Sunny Kisses!


With Love Naomi & Brian

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